Rapid advance of gene sequencing technology so called “sequence explosion” have provided us genome information of hundreds organisms, and currently, post-genome studies developed to analyze massive multiomics data, such as transcriptome, metabolome, etc. We address to integrate these multiple layers of biological informations to understand diversity and universality of the system of life.

We also studies advanced imaging technologies and information analysis methods of living organisms, from microscopic- to macroscopic- scale, such as molecular imaging, optical tweezer, image analysis of magnetic resonance imaging, positron emission tomography, etc.

Research themes


Figure 1. Development of methods for bioinformatics reseaches (upper) Network analysis protein-protien interaction using the DPClus method. (lower) Analysis of gene expression time series using Self-Organizing Map.

Figure 2.The portal of KNAPSACK DataBase.


Medical Imaging, Biosensors

Cardiac MRI in clinical imaging for coronary artery, and decision support technology for motion compensation have been developed. Diffusion Tensor MRI (DT-MRI) and tractography techniques have also been investigated for the analysis of human brain cognitive functions.